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I can't log into the generated application

Question asked by jackarnd on Apr 11, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 20, 2017 by eugenio_romano

I've done all the tutorial forCreating your first application with ADF  but I'm stuck in theRunning and using the application I've created and genereated the application but I can't log on.

I've tested admin/admin (which I use to log on all Alfresco ECM), (which I use to log on Process Services)


I can log on all the Alfresco services, such as share, api-explorer, activiti etc 


Moreover when I generate an app from the github repository demos like the datatable for instance,Files from the ng2-component datatable demo

It doesn't give me anything when I start it just a blank page at localhost:63621

I sincerely hope that anyone can help to resolve those issues which I believe may be linked.

P.S : besides that, everything works properly, the Share webapp works perfectly(I can log in with the users I created in it), even BPM (Activiti) that i wanted to try.