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Changing the Alfresco Share language

Question asked by akafortes on Apr 21, 2017
Latest reply on May 8, 2017 by akafortes

Hello everyone,


I want to change the display language of the Share UI to use a non officially supported language (Greek).

So I tried to follow with this article Language Packs, even though it was last updated in October 8th 2016.

From there I got to Community Translations which got me to and from there I got a link for Alfresco language packs nightly builds. They provide source files and already packed JAR files.


At this point the Language Packs lost me.

In the article it talks about Alfresco Explorer, it has some links to documentation that return 404 errors.

It also mentions TinyMCE and after searching the documentation I found this Installing TinyMCE language packs

which does nothing so I'm obviously missing something there that the documentation doesn't mention.


The whole process seems a bit confusing, and with all the changes and new versions the documentation looks a bit fragmented.


Can anyone provide some guidance on how to go about adding the translation files, you can get from, in an Alfresco installation?


Thank you very much