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Typeahead is not working in ADF 2.2.0

Question asked by amruta.w on Mar 17, 2018
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 In an APS 1.7 i am using typeahead palette element, this typeahead is not working in ADF 2.2.0.


In APS it is working like below and by using drop-down also it is showing used the rest service


But in ADF 2.2.0 typeahead and drop-down both not showing


Here I have attached my file. Can anyone help me out in this.


And if i use this api (this link is given in the example how to use rest service Rest Call Task 101 ) working in both adf as well as aps but here i have used my own rest api (my rest api is only working is aps not in adf)



Amruta Wandakar