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WebScript declaration using Spring Annotations

Question asked by ruudg on Feb 11, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 14, 2019 by ruudg

Hello everybody,


I'd like to use annotations to declare webscripts. I found these 2 projects:

GitHub - andreacomo/alfresco-annotations: Spring stereotype annotations for simplifying Alfresco development 

GitHub - xenit-eu/dynamic-extensions-for-alfresco: Rapid development of Alfresco repository extensions in Java. Deploy y… 


Official Alfresco documentation ( Registering a Java-backed web script | Alfresco Documentation  ), says that

all web script bean declarations must have the parent 'webscript'

Looking in the Spring configurations, 'webscript' bean it's only an alias.


Is it only a convention, or are there other logics that risk to be ignored using the projects that I found?