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How to deploy ADF generated app to Tomcat(?)

Question asked by thatkidmike on Jul 11, 2019
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I am complete newbie if it comes to, not only Alfresco, but web-developing in general. What I want to achive is to use this tutorial: Creating your first ADF app - Alfresco Builder Network - to generate an example ADF app - wich I did. The next thing I would like to do is put this app into Tomcat (wich I beleive is installed since I successfuly managed to use it with "/share" on another computer in the same network) - so all the PCs in the network would be able to access my application just via, i.e. "hostname/appname" - put in the browser. Unfortunately I couldn't get it working well - also couldn't find any solution for this, seems to be, simple problem.


The things I did so far is installing the Alfresco Community Edition and all things used in the above tutorial to generate an app. Moreover I started the Alfresco Community along with Tomcat and Postgres so the "localhost/share" - is working well and since the example app uses a "login component" - wich directs to the Alfresco Content Services (if I am not wrong) - if another computer put my localhost adress in the "proxy.conf.js" file and start their own application, the login component actualy uses ACS from my own computer (user made in the localhost/share is recognized in the login component in the generated app)*. I also put the whole project folder into the webapps in the Tomcat folder but I was just a wild guess - didn't work.


* - all the PCs are in the same network for testing purposes


So simply - how to put that generated app into the Tomcat so another PC in the same network could access it as a client and later on (if I'll be able to add the functionalities) - put some file onto the server and it will be stored on my computer but also it will be visible for all the users who will access the app via browser by, i. e. "localhost/appname".