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I'm trying to make a form in the document library. Its a select form where all groups are listed, and you pick the groups you want to pass on as arguments to an action, any idea how to do that? I didnt find anything helpful when it came to the listing of groups. Thanks in advance!

Hi, I am working with alfresco community 5.2. I have installed alfresco on a linux server and now its almost full. I need to move the alfresco database to another server. I have test it using another location of the same server & it works perfectly. But using that way i can't move database to another server. I did it by,
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Hello. After upgrade to ACS 5.2.4 I have an error in Alfresco Share (aikau page): I tried to use different versions of aikau (,, 1.0.104, 1.0.105) This error happens when I call rest api v1 service /nodes/{nodeId} When I call other services (targets, search api, sources, etc) the error doesn't occur It works fine in