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Hi,   there is big size of data store in alfresco file (contentstore.deleted) can i have delete it from SSH rm contentstore.deleted   Please suggest.
We have to provide authentication with OpenLDAP so, that after synchronization with OpenLDAP usernames from OpenLDAP, which already existed for  alfrescoNtlm authentication, would keep all the access to owned documents. That is, we had user John with alfrescoNtlm authentication, which had long working background in repository with owned… (Show more)
Tengo instalado alfresco content services version commnity  sobre ubuntu server, necesito configurar que el repositorio , es decir los archivos se guarden en un servidor NAS , que tengo en mi red.
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I'm able to deploy a new custom workflow but upon testing a receive an error regarding the destination folder for the document in the workflow, the service-context.xml is not added into alfresco yet. When Adding the file to {PATH}/alfresco/extension (this is were I copied the workflow bpmn file) and restart alfresco and go to the login page to… (Show more)
Are there java functions that can detect if someone added a comment or like to your uploaded file ? If not is there a way to.
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Boa tarde. Meu problema é o seguinte: Tenho 3 pastas: 1 - Contas à Pagar, 2 - Comprovantes de pagamento e 3- Contas Pagas, eu quero criar uma rotina que eu consiga anexar o comprovante de pagamento que está na pasta 2 (Comprovantes de pagamento) junto ao boleto que está na pasta 1 (Contas à pagar) e salve esse novo documento na pasta 3 (Contas… (Show more)
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I am building an app where i am not using activiti for persistance or it UI. I create a pure java activiti workflow and deploy and run it. The tasks are all implementation of delegate.  I am transforming the workflow model definition containing sequence flows and tasks and running it via activiti. If everything goes fine workflow runs fine. But… (Show more)
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Good day. I create a document in Alfresco using CMIS. Code: Session session = ... Folder parent = session.getRootFolder (); String textFileName = "test.txt"; // prepare content - a simple text file String content = "Hello World!"; String filename = textFileName; String mimetype = "text / plain; charset = UTF-8"; byte [] contentBytes =… (Show more)