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hello, i have a problem with activiti-rest, when i configure  my database postgresql in db.proprietes, the creation of tables is done automatically in the public shemas, i want to change shema how i do to give it my own shema
When I start installation of Alfresco Content Services 5.2.2 (alfresco-content-services-installer-5.2.2-linux-x64) on CentOS 7 x64, I got the following:   Feb 21 13:05:06 si01du-app-alf kernel: alfresco-conten[22320]: segfault at 0 ip 0000000000470830 sp 00007ffc76e4ea00 error 6 in… (Show more)
i create these two files into web scripts extension directory when i open this url: i get an error in the png file what should i do?
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Keynotes Speaker Slides Video  Welcome & Keynote: Impact of Emerging Technologies on Content johnnewton _ Chris Wiborg DevCon 2018: Impact of Emerging Technologies on Content - YouTube  Welcome & Keynote: Alfresco Product Direction The Evolution of Alfresco's Digital Business Platform Thomas DeMeo Brian Remmington DevCon 2018:…
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I'm currently using Alfresco SDK 3.0 as a back-end service and Alfresco ADF Angular Components as a front-end. I've set up the integration test and a database connection using PostgreSQL. It works fine when I mvn clean install alfresco:run. My question is how can I deploy the app on a server for example? I know that in target folder it generates a… (Show more)
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Saludos    Tengo problemas con el versionado de documentos en ALFRESCO 5.1, donde no puedo realizar dicha operación y me sale el error REQUEST TIMEOUT. Si me podrían ayudar    De antemano Gracias
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