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Dear Community,   I have successfully setup latest Version of Alfresco Commuity Edition and enabled Inbound eMail. I'm able to send emails to that folder and email body and attachements are shown. The only issue is that although the email is in HTML the mimetype of the Body is automatically set to Plain/Text.  Is there a way to change this to… (Show more)
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Hi all, how can I configure starting Alfresco at boot time? I installed Alfresco on Ubuntu 18.04 but now I have to start it when server starts. Thanks!
Hey Folks,   great to be here. I hope someone can help me with my issue i am facing since 2 weeks and could not solve after many research. First i am a newbee.    I installed Alfresco Community (Latest version from Git) as docker images on my synology nas. Beside it is a bit slow all seems to be ok, except the SOLR6.   When uploading files via… (Show more)
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How to create a model, connect it to a database, so i can apply different CRUD from the share. Is that possible ? any available examples ? 
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Hallo liebe Community!   ich bin schon langsam am Verzweifeln und kann das Problem leider nicht mehr näher eingrenzen. Wir haben einen Alfresco Community 201707 Server in Betrieb gesetzt und arbeiten seit ca. einem Jahr damit. Die Datenmigration von ca. 2.7 Millionen Dokumenten ist abgeschlossen. Leider "verabschiedet" sich der Tomcat Prozess… (Show more)
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Hi,     Is any possible to add new item in share header menu? If is it possible then how to add new item in header menu?   Please Advice,   Thank you
How can i add an element in header bar next to the repository ? are there any tutorials that explain these kind of customizations. I tried this one Customizing the Share Header Menu (Part 1) , but I think I am missing other stuff.
Is the ADF Tree View Component still active?   <adf-tree-view-list [nodeId]="'74cd8a96-8a21-47e5-9b3b-a1b3e296787d'"                      (nodeClicked)="onClick($event)"></adf-tree-view-list>
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I want to create custom rest api in alfresco. How can i do that?   I have made following configuration.but it is not working.   <context:component-scan base-package="com.controller"></context:component-scan>   package com.tritex.controller; import org.springframework.stereotype.Controller; import… (Show more)
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Hello,   On the new installation in Patforme 5.2.g and Share 5.2.f, I corrected the name of the start script in with LIBREOFFICE_SCRIPT = $ INSTALLDIR / libreoffice / scripts / on LIBREOFFICE_SCRIPT = $ INSTALLDIR / libreoffice / scripts / and now libreoffice service start correctly. Currently, the… (Show more)
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Good day. I create a document in Alfresco using CMIS. Code: Session session = ... Folder parent = session.getRootFolder (); String textFileName = "test.txt"; // prepare content - a simple text file String content = "Hello World!"; String filename = textFileName; String mimetype = "text / plain; charset = UTF-8"; byte [] contentBytes =… (Show more)
Hi every one and happy new year.   I'd like to know if there's a way to override properties in subtypes.   For example, here is my type :   <type name="myCM:entreprise">             <title>Documents Entreprises</title>             <parent>myCM:doc</parent>             <properties>                 <property name=myCM:categories">… (Show more)
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