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Hi all. I am new to the forum. I have a question about the json structure when starting a new instance of an process using the REST API.   It states you send in the instance variables using a name / value pair. But you are not able to change the name parameter. Lets say you have 3 parameters then the json will look like this .   {   … (Show more)
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Hi,   I am writing a page that can collect sites' announcement text in one page. I don't know how to get them through the REST API. can you please show me an example?   Thank you.
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How to apply some actions on first connexion. for example, I want to create a folder once the admin is connected.
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I have dabbled with Alfresco SDK for a couple of weeks now, and I've grown tired of the constant restart/reload/waiting between minor changes.   I found JRebel and HotSwapAgent for hot-reloading and got both working I think, but neither of them actually does what I want.   I am working on some custom workflows, but all the relevant files are… (Show more)
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I am using Activiti 6 and the Webapp provided by activiti-app.war   I have a simple BPMN diagram consisting of two user tasks with attached forms. The form of the first user task consists of a text field that has to be filled. Now i want to display the input provided in the first user task in the textfield of the second form. In other words i try… (Show more)
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I try to extend the upload button component of ADF. However, if I generate an example project with Yeoman, all provided ADF-components in node_modules are either JavaScript or declare classes (which cannot be extended as far as I know).   However, the ADF-components on Github are normal Angular components. How can I use them in my own project? Do… (Show more)
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Hello guys I'd really appreciate if you can help me with this one, how do I create a workflow that involves this process. Do I need a script? another program or addon?   1. "Receiving employee"  creates the document or accepts documents outside the office   2. Transfer the document to the "Manager" for review.   3. "Manager" delegates or… (Show more)
Now I have two database called db1 and db2,which both have the save process flow diagram.I want to execute the activiti process according according the parameter. For example,if I pass the para which value is 1,I want to execute the activiti process using db1.if I pass the para which value is 2,I want to execute the activiti process using db2.Can… (Show more)
I don't see the describe value of overwrite existting file? So how write nodeBodyCreate 's content to overwrite existing node?!/nodes/createNode
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