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Hi, I wanted to know How can I find the version of Activiti installed on my machine. I could find only the Apache-Tomcat Version.   Thank you
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Hi All, In ADF, how can I set a restrict for users from remote locations shall have access to the content based on their location. (Example: New York group users shall have access to the New York Released Documents). I do not find where to add this constrains, please help me.
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Hello,   I've made a process starting with a script task. In this script task, I've put a really simple groovy script. When I start my process, I'm getting an error. I've got the following logs : 11:02:24,986 [http-apr-8080-exec-1] WARN  org.activiti.engine.impl.bpmn.behavior.ScriptTaskActivityBehavior  - Exception while executing… (Show more)
Click to view contentGood day. I work with Sample multi-module project for All-in-One development on the Alfresco platform. I apply command in /bin/ to deploy my *.apm files. But in http://IP:8080/alfresco/s/admin/admin-repoconsole I can't see my model. The result of the command "show models " is empty.    … (Show more)
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Hello Alfresco community,   I hope you can help me out with some information, or please guide me to the correct place or person for my questions. I want to prepare for an Alfresco project, and I need to learn Alfresco and get certified. Can you please explain the differences between the 4 certifications available? Alfresco Content Services… (Show more)
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Bom dia,   estou com problema para baixar versões antigas de arquivos que possuem os caracteres [ ou ] no nome do arquivo. Parece que a ulr gerada não faz o escape deste caractere e o navegador apresenta a mensagem de página não encontrada  (404).    Alterando o nome na url e retirando os caracteres [ e ]  o arquivo baixa normalmente.   Exemplo… (Show more)
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hello everyone , i have problem in alfresco 5.2, the tag doesn't appear in share page, but it written in data base, i feel confused, i need help, how can i resolve it!?
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Click to view contentBuenas,   Tenemos un Alfresco 5.1 y queremos ocultar algunas opciones del submenu que hay dentro de "Herramientas de administrador" dependiendo del grupo en que este. Lo basico seria que para el grupo "GROUP_PRUEBA" solo muestre las opciones para gestionar grupos y usuarios. Adjunto pantallazos. Asi esta: Asi necesitamos:   Muchas gracias
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Hi Alfresco's friends, We want to give administrator permissions to a group (different to ALFRESCO_ADMINISTRATORS) so that its members can visualize and use the administration tools. This is possible??   Thanks.
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Click to view contentGood day. I work with uploader-plus plugin (GitHub - softwareloop/uploader-plus: An Alfresco uploader that prompts for metadata ) .   In Alfresco Share the system folders shown in Russia language. But when I try to config plugin the path to the folders in the repository displayed incorrectly: the first characters are truncated. Therefore, the… (Show more)
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