Update: Content Services: SVN-to-Git and CLAs

Blog Post created by derek Employee on Aug 1, 2017

Update: Content Services: SVN-to-Git and CLAs

At BeeCon, Richard Esplin gave an overview of some of the work that the Repository Team was planning:

Collaborating with Alfresco Engineering (Round 2)

Since then, you may have noticed that our SVN repository went very quiet.  The cause of this has been a huge effort going on behind the scenes to get ALL our code and commit history moved into a single git repository.


Rather than give things a chance to settle down, we have launched the next big phase of the code migration, which involves splitting some of the code into different repositories.  I am pleased to say that, as I write this, the Alfresco GitHub account has several new internal projects that are being built up and tested before they go public.  Part of the process also involves putting in place clear guidelines for those wishing to make contributions.  We are also happy to say that the new repositories will be live, benefiting from the usual good stuff GitHub provides.


While this has been going on, we've still been making changes to the product, which means we've been committing to an internal git repository .  Making changes to the Open Source code in closed source repositories is really not how we want to do things but we also need to be sure that the new code repositories, the artifacts we generate, and the procedures we put in place will be robust.  The new code repositories should appear during August along with all changes that we made in the interim.