My Favorites ng-conf Talks 2018

Blog Post created by eugenio_romano Employee on Apr 25, 2018

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Some suggestions before you go through all these videos:

  •  If you are a person that gets bored fast as me, watch them at 1.25 speed.
  • Annotate the things that you want to try somewhere and the minute of the video that you think could help you in the future.
  • Most of the example has Github repository. Annotate the right repository and give a look even to it.
  • Don't watch all the video in 1 day, you are not Johnny mnemonic.


Now the list


Angular Service Workers & Cows — a love story - Alyssa Nicoll - YouTube 

Service workers are amazing and if you want dramatically improve the performances of your app and give it a bit of magic touch you need to spend some time on learning it.


Global Thermonuclear Templates - Mike Brocchi - YouTube 

The Mike Brocchi videogame style presentation is really well done and is a nice introduction from one of the main contributor to it.


Optimizing an Angular application - Minko Gechev - YouTube 

We already watch this presentation at Angualr connect but I watched it another time because it was really good and

Minko Gechev is a super active member of the angular community.


VS Code Can Do That - Burke Holland - YouTube 

Do you want to move from your actual IDE to VS code but you are still not convinced 100%?

Take a look at this presentation, you will maybe convince by Brurke, I am not, I am still using IntelliJ I like the reindexing waiting time to get a coffee.


Day 1 Keynote - Brad Green, Miško Hevery, Kara Erickson - YouTube 

Not the whole keynote I think the important part is where Misko and Kara talk about the future ivy render. You can skip the first part and move ar 22.40 minute


How to score 100 on a Angular Progressive Web App Audit - Anas R Firdousi - YouTube 

PWA app is gaining popularity as a topic and you don't want talk with your colleagues and say PWA Whatt? Progressive Web Apps are installable on the home screen, without the need to pass through an app store. One app, N possible use is always a good deal. 


RXJS Observables in Angular - Ward Bell & Sander Ellis - YouTube 

RXJS is easy to understand but difficult to master, this talk is quite wide and touch a lot of the important topic that you should now about RXJS.


NgRx Selectors How to stop worrying about your Store structure - David East & Todd Motto - YouTube 

NgRx is now a hipe in the Angular community. Maybe the talk will not solve all your gaps but it will maybe help you to understand it is something that you would like to add to your project.


If you want the full video list of the nf-conf : ng-conf - YouTube 


Please feel free to share your thoughts about this talk or others that you think are worthy to watch.