Frequency of Hack-a-thon events

Poll created by afaust Moderator on Oct 12, 2016

Currently Alfresco and the community are accustomed to a schedule of two Hack-a-thon events per year. We just had our annual global virtual hack-a-thon and before that we had the hack-a-thon during BeeCon in Brussels in April. The feedback of participants has always been full of praise / joy over the fact that these events provide great opportunities for collaborating on projects some of us might not get to work on as part of our day-job, technical (and sometimes philosophical) discussions about working with Alfresco, and generally being able to socialize and bounce ideas around with fellow community members. Some potential participants on the other hand have had the misfortune of not being able to attend any of these events due to travel costs or simple scheduling issues. One idea that has come up as a result of the last global virtual hack-a-thon suggests an increase in the frequency of these events, specifically to conduct an additional global virtual hack-a-thon per year so chances are higher that any member of the community can at least attend one if she wants to.


What do you think? Would you attend any additional global virtual hack-a-thon event or like to have an additional chance to attend?

(All options consider the current planning for the BeeCon conference(s) and hack-a-thons to be scheduled around April / May each year)

16 total votes
  • The current schedule with two events in the spring and fall is perfect. (top voted)
  • I would like an additional hack-a-thon event scheduled around Feburary.
  • I would like an additional hack-a-thon event scheduled around November.
  • I would like an additional or more hack-a-thon event(s) scheduled in a completely different manner (use comments to explain).
  • I don't really see the point of the hack-a-thons and could do without.