Do you customize the Share "Create Site" dialog?

Poll created by ddraper on Nov 2, 2016

In the next release of Share we're going to be changing the dialogs used to create and edit sites so that they are rendered using Aikau. This will be controlled through the SiteService which can be configured to fall back to the old YUI2 implementation. However, we want to ensure that it is possible for existing customizations of these dialogs to be easily ported to the SiteService. For example, are you changing the fields that are displayed? Are you adding new site preset options? If you could indicate on the survey below it would be very useful. Please feel free to comment with any additional information on how you're currently customizing the dialogs.

UPDATE 30-11-2016: The information in this poll was intended to feed into some updates to the SiteService. This blog covers the changes that were made. If you feel that the changes don't address your needs for create/edit site dialog customization then please let us know!

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  • YES (both CREATE and EDIT site dialogs)
  • YES (just CREATE)
  • YES (just EDIT)
  • NO (we leave the dialogs as they are).