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SQL Server and Blcoking

Question asked by pvaibhav on Aug 27, 2005
Latest reply on Aug 30, 2005 by davidc
I am writing this post in the middle of the night because it suddenly struck me that I should tell you what happend with me weeks ago.

I was trying to test Alfresco with SQL Server. Manier times, I couldn't get Jboss started successfully. This is because jboss use to halt at one point while starting up. If you log is setup with DEBUG level, the log files will become 1 gig within few minutes of waiting.

I examined the logs and thought that Its blocking while trying to create the initial data. I don't have the available as I did not save them selparately (I apologize for that and will try to get log next time we do this).

Have you guys noticed this behaviour before? I mean is this a known issue? The important point is that I don't even remember whether it always happened first time (when alfresco will need to create data because there is nothing in database) or even after first time.

I will try to get more data on this, but for now we have swtiched back to MySQL and everything is fine. My collegue also faced the same problem and will try to get some data from him.

BTW, is there any way I can ask Alfresco not to create intial data? I need this anyways.