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The dream of acheiving one record per one content node

Question asked by pvaibhav on Aug 27, 2005
Latest reply on Aug 30, 2005 by pvaibhav

I have a dream. The dream is to achieve one database record per
one file(let's say file for simplification, it is basically content) node.

Here is what I have thought in my dream - I can change the content model to store all the metadata
as one object. Say in XML. Thus every content item in my dream has only one property - my custom object
or my custom XML.

I will write a plugin to Lucene so that Lucene will understand my object (XML) and will index
the sub properties that I want.

Do you think this is possible in Alfresco? Our system needs to be really scalable.

Do you think that I am thinking in wrong direction? Can this dream come true? Do you think, this is not required at all and system can handle 50 million files without using Oracle?