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Couple of usability points

Question asked by mikeh Employee on Aug 31, 2005
Latest reply on Sep 1, 2005 by kevinr
Hi guys,

Just a couple of things I've noticed whilst playing around with the web client. This is version PR5 by the way…

1 - The radio button/link "space picker"
I know this isn't your favourite control :wink: and may be being replaced, but in the meantime it would be useful to alter it's behaviour so that the very last (deepest) item wasn't hyperlinked. Either that, or there's a small bug where clicking OK whilst at the deepest level doesn't select the correct item. I saw this whilst creating a "Copy content in a give format…" rule.

2 - Set focus to first input box
i.e. the same way Google sets focus to the search box on page load. Maybe it should be to the first mandatory field?

3 - Automatically insert full name
When creating content using the HTML editor, the "Author" field should be pre-populated with the full name of the currently logged-on user.

4 - Disable clipboard paste when not in folder view
I can see potential confusion for people trying to use the clipboard function when in a view other than the folder view, e.g. creating a new space, editing an HTML page, etc. The paste function works (by copying the content to the current space), but isn't intuitive in the context of the current foreground task.

edit: 5 - Uploading content requires Upload and Next
When uploading content to Alfresco, it's necessary to Browse for the file, click Upload and then click Next. The message "Content .. has been uploaded" is somewhat ambiguous, as it hasn't actually been uploaded yet. It gives the user the impression that multiple file uploads are possible from this screen.

6 - Conversion rules "lock" the browser
I guess this might be a limitation of Tomcat, but ideally the document conversion process using Open Office should take place in a background process and not lock the web browser, as conversion can be quite time-consuming.

7 - Copy URL to item into clipboard
It would be handy to be able to store the direct download URL to multiple content items, either in the clipboard, or a scratchpad area. This would make creating HTML index pages easier, rather than having to have two Alfresco browser windows open (which I guess isn't very recommended anyway?).