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Contributing Language Packs

Question asked by paulhh on Sep 5, 2005
Latest reply on Feb 27, 2006 by lgr
With releases from Preview Release 6 onwards, the user interface text can be localized by modifying a small number of files.  Available language packs are downloadable from the Alfresco project on SourceForge here.  We support multi-byte encoding, so languages such as Arabic, Chinese, Japanese and Russian are possible.

If you wish to contribute a language pack, we suggest the following process:
  • create a topic in this forum for the language you want to create

  • if a topic already exists, then someone is probably working on it, so join in and try and help

  • follow the example of the default English language pack

  • when the pack is ready, send it to info at
Details on installing Language Packs can be found at: here.

Multi-byte language packs do need to be encoded correctly.  Use the native2ascii Java tool to encode the final properties files.  We can do this last step if needed.  We can provide automatically generated translations in many languages, which can act as an amusing starting point.  Send requests to info at