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Unable to connect to CIFS from remote machine

Question asked by asdavey on Sep 21, 2005
Latest reply on Sep 28, 2005 by leon

Problem in brief:

I've installed the Tomcat version of PR6 on a machine with Windows XP SP2. I can use the webclient from other machines with no hassles, but only the local machine is able to connect to the CIFS share \\SERVER_H\Alfresco.

More details

Executing nbtstat -n on the local machine lists both the SERVER and SERVER_H records (both type 0x00 and 0x20).

Executing net view \\SERVER_H from the local machine lists the Alfresco share.

The local machine is a member of a Windows 2003 domain.

When I execute net view \\SERVER_H from a remote Win XP SP2 machine, I get the error "System Error 52". This error is complaining about a duplicate name being on the network.

When I execute net use Z: \\SERVER_H\Alfresco from a remote Win XP SP2 machine, I get the error "System Error 53". This error is "network path not found".

I can ping the Alfresco box from a remote machine using the SERVER_H name, so it appears it can resolve the netbios name to an IP.

Other than that I'm stumped. I was successful once in connecting a remote machine to the Alfresco box (I could copy files and everything) - but I haven't been able to reproduce the feat since.

Is there a way that I can debug / look at a log file to work out what's going on? Should I have NETBIOS enabled on the remote machines?

Kindof stumped at the moment.