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A Question for Content

Question asked by rdanner on Sep 22, 2005
At my organization I have information (like film) sitting on a shelf in a stack. 

Should alfresco some sort of native concept of hardMedia/Document?

Something I can say has metadata but no actual information (because it's not digital and cant be in the repository). 

I could have a basic librarian functionality around that thing.
   - where is the actual thing stored
   - is it currently in that location
   - if not who has it checked out
   - what is their intention
   - when is it due back
   - audit of this activity.

also I have hardMedia information which at some point is converted to digital format.  I'd like to be able to add the new softMedia to the repository and then semantically link it to the hardMedia item.

lastly I have new media that is generated as a composit of clips from existing media.  I aught to be able to know where that media came from
and in terms of the parent, is there any portions stored as separate documents or as a composit of another document(s).

The thing is I have tons of information.  It's not all digital.  I would like to go to one place (my content repository) and manage my content.  The repository may actually contain every scrap of information but it has metadata for every scrap of information.