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Search fails on Linux/Tomcat bundle PR6

Question asked by alexr on Sep 27, 2005
Latest reply on Sep 29, 2005 by alexr
I've now installed Alfresco PR6 on both Windows XP/Tomcat and
linux/tomcat and the installation was pretty straight forward.
Only today I noticed that the "Search" works on the Windows configuration,
but not the Linux configuration.
Since the initial repository contains both a Space  with "Tutorial" in the name as a document (pdf) with "Tutorial" in the name, I searched for the term "Tutorial". On the Windows build I get a search result, but on the Linux version I get no search result (in both cases the Space and the pdf document do reside in the repository).

On the Linux version I use the ./ and ./ (in the opt/alfresco/tomcat/bin directory) to start and stop Alfresco.

What needs to be changed or added to the configuration to make the search work on the Linux/Tomcat version. The Lucene directories  and .jar file are present.

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Alex   :)