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Alfresco - Back it on up

Question asked by rdanner on Sep 29, 2005
Latest reply on Oct 4, 2005 by davidc
If alfresco is to play neatly in the IT world I would think it is going to need to handle some management concerns.

When using alfresco as a/to replace "shared drive".

It is not economical to think that one should backup an export of alfresco on any kind of frequent basis if the volume of data is large.

Backing up just the alfresco file system doesn’t help because all the Meta data is in the database.  It could be somewhat painful to keep the file system and the database backups consistent.

It is possible that alfresco will need to play nicely in the backup industry. As well as providing hooks for document lifecycle.

What are the thoughts in this space?  What are the thoughts around how alfresco should be managed from systems prospective?