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Integrating Alfresco PR6 in eXo Platform

Question asked by jokipii on Oct 3, 2005
Latest reply on May 12, 2006 by jayagopalan

Here is how to integrate Alfresco PR6 into eXo platform enterprise edition running on JBoss:

1) download and install alfresco-jboss
2) remove jboss-portal.sar and portal-hsqldb-ds.xml from directory jboss/server/default/deploy
3) install Follow the installation documentation for the eXo Platform v1.0.
4) add following XML fragments to right places of /WEB-INF/web.xml file inside alfresco.war located in directory jboss/server/default/deploy:



5) start Alfresco
6) login to portal http://localhost:8080/portal/ as the admin user: admin/exo
7) edit portal template or page content to view Alfresco portlet where you want