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Installing Alfresco to a different app server, such as OC4J

Question asked by dwichman on Oct 6, 2005
Latest reply on Aug 23, 2007 by tnogueira
I'm trying to install Alfresco to Oracle OC4J and connect it to an Oracle database.  I expanded the war file and modified the and hibernate-context.xml to use the Oracle database connect info and dialect respectively.  I also had to tell hibernate to use org.hibernate.hql.classic.ClassicQueryTranslatorFactory for the hibernate.query.factory_class, otherwise it was throwing a ClassNotFoundException for hibernate (found this issue on the web somewhere).

Then I repackaged the war and deployed it to OC4J.  The deployment went fine other than the CIFS server complaining about the domain, which I then fixed up as specified in the README.  Some other interesting errors I got when I start the container, that I'm not sure if they are critical are:

Oct 5, 2005 5:42:30 PM connect
INFO: connecting using "socket,host=localhost,port=8100,tcpNoDelay=1"…
Oct 5, 2005 5:42:30 PM connect
SEVERE: connection failed: Connection refused
17:42:30,819 ERROR [transform.magick.AbstractImageMagickContentTransformer] ImageMagickContentTransformer not available: Failed to execute command: imconvert "/tmp/Alfresco/ImageMagickContentTransformer_init_source_223.gif" "/tmp/Alfresco/ImageMagickContentTransformer_init_target_224.png"
17:42:35,545 ERROR [smb.protocol.netbios] NetBIOSNameServer setup error: Permission denied
        at Method)
        at org.alfresco.filesys.netbios.server.NetBIOSNameServer.openSocket(

I then pointed my browser to /alfresco and it redirected to /alfresco/faces/jsp/login.jsp which does not exist in the war.  However /alfresco/jsp/login.jsp does, so I pointed my browser to that one and received a 500 error and the following stack trace:

  at javax.faces.webapp.UIComponentTag.setupResponseWriter(   
  at javax.faces.webapp.UIComponentTag.doStartTag(   
  at org.apache.myfaces.taglib.core.ViewTag.doStartTag(   
  at _jsp._login_2e_jsp._jspService(   
  at com.orionserver[Oracle Containers for J2EE 10g ( - Developer Preview].http.OrionHttpJspPage.service(   
  at oracle.jsp.runtimev2.JspPageTable.service(

Any ideas?