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Some basic questions

Question asked by collie on Oct 7, 2005
Latest reply on Oct 18, 2005 by paulhh
Hi Guys,

I came across yor product recently and on first sight it looks the very thing I could use for a number of projects! Congrats on work so far and choice of components!
I'm trying to compare it to other CMS' I've seen used elsewhere and also verify questions posed by clients.

1. In another cms I saw a split (different schemas) between data (bases) whereby developers/content managers were working in one whilst a different schema was used for actual production, which was optimised for read access. Does Alfresco have such a configuration?
2. I read somewhere that only mySql is supported, plans for other databases in the near future?
3. How finely grained is the security? For example can I mark a content object with all sorts of read/write/view properties dependent on role/user? And is there a change trail showing who changed what & when?
4. Is it possible to view changes/delta's between different versions?
5. Is it possible to import bulk data if one should migrate from another cms (MMBase) to Alfresco?