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RC1 : Bug Report : web client : invite user to space

Question asked by jbaton on Oct 7, 2005
Latest reply on Oct 18, 2005 by kevinr
Hi all,

Using RC1 Jboss bundle on windows 2000 pro, I :
1/ As admin, created a space named "for testeur only"
2/ As admin, invited "testeur" and only him to this space
3/ As testeur logged in , got into "for testeur only" space
4/ created a new document with html editor

Whats's wrong is :
5/ As "guest", I was allowed to browse "for testeur only", delete existing content, add content to it.

Well, that was not the expected behaviour :(

My installation is not 'tweaked' anyhow yet, it is a fresh RC1 install supposed to manage users.

Moreover, it is an important feature for the result of my evaluation.

Is there a way to verify what's store in db for access autorization, it may be a sort of "lag" bug due to a previous manipulation (I authorized all users on a different space).

Thanks for your time and product