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random questions..probably stupid

Question asked by hololi on Oct 7, 2005
Latest reply on Oct 19, 2005 by hololi
excuse the stupid questions and possible miss-post

Q1. Where are the docuents stored in alfresco (mysql database?)

It is just that most mysql installations seem to be in /usr/local on unix and my /usr partition is rather small.. I just want confirmation that documents are stored in mysql and I can take installation countermeasures when building a unix box for alfresco and make sure the underlying filesystem can cope with a large repository of documents.  Personally I like to put mysql in /opt or /export but that is something I can handle myself

Q2 deletion of documents ? I can't see how documents are removed (version 0.6 with tomcat bundle) I may just be thick but I assume there will be deletion functionality in the next versions of alfresco if it is not there already

Q3 User management functionality also does not seem to allow deletion or much editing or profile. again I assume I either missed it or will be in later versions 

apologies for these stupid questions