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Is anyone using Eclipse+Perforce?

Question asked by janiner on Oct 11, 2005
I'm new to all these tools and I have gotten myself stuck.

If I detar a copy of the source and tell Eclipse to File->Import->Existing Projects into Workspace, all is well.  I end up with a project I can clean and build (have not tried to run).

If I point Eclipse at my Perforce installation and use the Perforce plug-in's Import to Project feature, things don't go so well.  You invoke this feature by browsing the Depot view and then right-clicking on the spot where you want to start importing.  If I do this at the Depot or projects level, I get a project that's inert - the files are there, but I can't seem to do anything with them.  If I import each of the directories under projects (3rd-party, core, etc) then I get something that I can at least clean, but I get lots of errors like

Project core is missing requried Java project:  '3rd Party'

Clearly I am missing the "glue" files that hold it all together.

Has anyone gotten this to work?  I'm sure I'm doing something wrong in a stuipidly newbie way, but at the moment I'm stuck.