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Alternative Model/ Sources (Semantic Web Jena API) possible?

Question asked by j-wicz on Oct 14, 2005
Dear Devs

We are working on an academic semantic web projects and looking for an integration with some CMS. I just discovered your projects, so I'm pretty newbie here.

My particular question would be: Is it possible to have another model (M in MVC) next to your already integrated Hibernate/MySQL which one could use simultaniously?

We have a very custom tailored* Jena Semantic Web Backend (1)(2) which stores our knowledge base information, but it is not necessary to store there a lot of CMS data which can be done more efficiantly in a ORM solution like yours.

Our application is also based on Spring 1.2 so I hope this would ease things. We have a quite well (not perfect) seperation of MVC.

btw: I think your move towards JSR-170 is a good idea. Some third party tools will surely pop up around JSR-170/WebDAV and for a new player like you the "import" aspect of JSR-170 should be good to gain users.

mit sonnigen Grüßen
Philipp Jurewicz


Edit: * just for clarification: We just use jena, we did not develope it… Hewlet Packard did