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Building an XML Repository

Question asked by ctanis on Oct 14, 2005
Latest reply on Sep 17, 2006 by ronnyt
We are interested in using Alfresco as an XML repository. 

In our system, incoming documents would be validated against a schema, and meta-data would be extracted from the XML.  Documents would then be sorted into spaces or categories based on this meta-data. Presumably these could be implemented as custom actions?

We expect massive load on our search application, so it would be good to mirror the Lucene index and contentstore. (but that could be as simple as a periodic rsync).  Is meta-data stored in the Lucene index or only via hibernate?

I imagine that a lot of our functionality would be custom-implemented java code, and the Alfresco user interface would be used as an admin tool for editing xml and managing rules for sorting.

My immediate goal is to implement the fundamentals of indexing XML documents.  How would I go about adding a custom indexing component for XML documents? Specifically, which configuration files are related and what interfaces need to be implemented? Or is there some other way to do this?

I know you are planning real XML functionality at some point, and I was curious how you envision such a system working.  Is it worth implementing something like this with the early alfresco releases, or will it be obsolesced by planned XML functionality?  Is Alfresco appropriate for something like this?