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Have you really removed security from the opensource version

Question asked by jocsch on Oct 18, 2005
Latest reply on Dec 6, 2005 by steve
Oh, I am the first one to post in this forum, nice ;-)
Do you really have removed security from the opensource version of the repository? Or do you only removed the administration mask?
I know you must earn money with this product and I
always supposed that there are some limitations to come.

But security is a must-have in nearly all areas where a repository is needed.
From the beginning on, when I read first about alfresco, I thought about using it as a repository in an opensource project. But without security features there is really no way to use it there. I think I would then go for the jackrabbit repository. But it is really a pitty. Hey, I don't need clustering or a web-UI or the content transformation thingy, but security is really basic.

my 2cents,