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An idea : Self feeding CMS ..

Question asked by jbaton on Oct 21, 2005
Hi all,

I wondered if someone had already done a sort of plugin for alfresco, something that would read a rss feed (or more) , read the urls, and add the documents to a space with a specific category on each document.

This generates the following questions :
* How to add 'something' to Alfresco that is time-driven  ? (or is there a subscribe scheme to rss feeds ?)
* How to use Lucene's capacities (stop words, and all) to parse html pages (to squeeze out ads, tags, …) before to create nodes that will be be indexed by Alfresco/Lucene

I'd be interested in any code.

Frankly, I'll wait for L2 JSR170 compliance before to do it myself
as this is a private need.