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RC2 - 2 bugs one on modiy user / one on creating new user

Question asked by crtx on Oct 27, 2005
Latest reply on Nov 18, 2005 by crtx
Using RC2 Tomcat bundle on Fedora Core 3.

Error on creating new user :

The default workspace is not saved.

Error on modify existing user :

Failed to create Person due to error: Cyclic parent-child relationship detected: current node: workspace://SpacesStore/a82ddd33-46f9-11da-8016-c368cdd696f7 current path: {}Projet_x0020_Test/{}company_home next assoc: ChildAssoc[ parent=workspace://SpacesStore/ad4cad59-46fb-11da-a4b8-a79ea5f5f791, child=workspace://SpacesStore/a82ddd33-46f9-11da-8016-c368cdd696f7, name={}company_home, isPrimary=true]

Issues ?

Thanks for your time and product.