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a note for the community

Question asked by rdanner on Nov 10, 2005
Latest reply on Nov 10, 2005 by davidc
If I can propose something:

It seems the forums in many way are not serving the purpose or better, really serving the highest purpose possible.  It may be that due to alfresco's youth the forums are littered with basically bug reports or it could be something else.

I dont really know.

I think we should really try to curb the bug reporting in the forums if possible.  Lets make a bug reporting forum.  It's lighter weight then jiira. From there we can steer people to jira. I know that people who are making alfresoc "fly-by(s)" are not going to want to use jira to get help.  The some forum bug support is needed. no doubt about it.

As for the other discussion areas.  We the community, need to see these forums as our meeting space.  we need to get some discussion going.  Things that will end up in jira as enhancements, end up in the wikki as roadmap items.

If we use the forums as a way to report bugs, we are loosing the power of the tools we have to collaborate with. 

I am thinking
one forum for bug reports (or a couple broad forums focused on bug and developer/app specialist support),
  which we cross reference with jira and the wiki