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Some Lucene searching questions

Question asked by hsjawanda on Nov 10, 2005
Latest reply on Nov 11, 2005 by hsjawanda

I noticed in SearchContext#buildQuery() that one of the possible Lucene query terms is of type "TEXT:queryString".  What exactly does this search? The text of which property?  Or all text, irrespective of where it may occur?

Now that content is a property, can I search inside a repository object's content with a query like "@escapedQname:singleWordQuery"?  What happens when an object's content is binary (e.g., a PDF / .doc file)?

I am indexing my cms:asset's content property using:

                <property name="cms:content">
                    <index enabled="true">

Will the "@escapedQname:singleWordQuery" type of query search for words inside the content?

Thanks.  I hope I wasn't too vague :-).