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Village idiot new to (Debian) Linux - PLEASE HELP

Question asked by jeanmarc on Nov 10, 2005
Latest reply on Nov 10, 2005 by davidc
With the fear of being the village idiot, here is how it goes… I'm a Chem major now working at a software company, and even though I came here to create video tutorials, edit them and so on I've now been handed a this Document Management System.


I've been able to install Debian Linux and play around with it a bit, looks like my mac at home but that's were it ends. I've been playing around with it and reading documentation on it, but I'm stuck on how to install this software. I need the Village Idiots Guide to Installation on Linux! PLEASE have some sympathy! I've read to many of the posts and I've picked up some small interesting clues, but I am at a lost at how to put them together and create a stable/working Document Management System solution…

Thank you very much,

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