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XML Editor

Question asked by rdanner on Nov 12, 2005
Latest reply on Jul 31, 2008 by ronb
If you are looking for an XML editor that uses a schema to generate a form then this is may be of interest  to you.

I have been working on a tutorial for adding an inline editor to alfresco. I need to go back and finish that.

in the mean time the source for the work can be found at

This is only an example.  There are a number of issues.

First the example uses a applet (that costs money).

Second the example uses an applet (that causes browsers to flake)


I used this as an oppertunity to demonstrate how we can put most of the code in alfresco in to uber-configurable patterns.

In the checkinCheckoutbean method editFile you will notice the code has been pulled out and replace with a "pipeline invokation"

The pipeline definition can be found in checkinCheckoutPipelineChains.xml
and the components used by the pipeline in pipeline-context.xml

more on this later… gotta run