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Document Lifecycle Aspect

Question asked by rdanner on Nov 12, 2005
Latest reply on Nov 12, 2005 by rdanner
I am wondering what kind of plans there are for document lifecycle.

I have some thoughts for an aspect to support lifecycle. I thought we might discuss and refactor it here in the forum

Some of the fields are actually parts of other aspects but I first want to get a list of data together which is required for lifecycle management

Create Data  (Date)
Author Information (a couple fields)
Document Lifecycle State (On Line, Off Line, Archived, Flagged for Delete, Destroyed)
Version collection (Collection with Comment Log)
Full Backup History (Log)
Incremental Backup History(Log)
Changed Since last Incremental (Y/N)
Keep Backup for X Days
Moved Document Offline after X idle days
Archive article after X days or X idle days
Destroy article after X days or X idle days
Remove Document form archives on destroy (y/n)
Destroy backups on destroy (y/n)
Document Owner (group/role/user)
Notify user on state changes (Y/N)

Also we should handle hard and soft content.  an interesting thought on hard content is the library card.
Where is the resting spot of the content?
Where is the content now?
Who has it?
When did they take it?
Where are they taking it?
By what authority did they take it?
Why are they taking it?
When will they bring it back?