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Webdav & Windows XP

Question asked by jgoffinet on Nov 10, 2005
Latest reply on May 9, 2006 by unknown-user
I just installed 1.0 release (Tomcat bundle) under Windows XP and I ran into difficulties to access the repository through Webdav (web / CIFS / FTP worked fine).
When I tried to configure a "network place" (I think that's the english name, in french it's called "favoris réseau"), I got an error (invalid folder) just after entering user name and password (I tried to repeat the operation, using different accounts, but with no success).
To investigate further, I installed a Java webdav client (DAV Explorer) and I managed to connect to my folder… So the problem seems to come from Windows…
Did someone have success with this configuration ? Any idea of what went wrong ?

Thanks in advance,