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Problem accessing via webdav  (401 - unauthorized)

Question asked by hananherzog on Nov 14, 2005
Latest reply on Nov 15, 2005 by gavinc
I just installed Alfresco Tomcat Bundle 1.0 on Linux. In the short-term I am  interested in using Alfresco as an alternative to Slide for an application which depends on it as a content repository. I therefore tried to access Alfresco via cadaver (open-source text-based webdav browser)–just to see if worked. At least so far, it hasn't.

Below is the error I got:

cadaver localhost:8080/alfresco/webdav
Could not contact server:
401 Unauthorized

I am using MySQL 5.0, against the recommendation of the fine folks at Alfresco, but I assume that this is not the cause of this problem.

Any pointers to what I need to configure/modify to get webdav access working in Alfresco 1.0?