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JSR-170 Querying support

Question asked by maksim on Nov 14, 2005
Latest reply on Nov 15, 2005 by andy
I've tried to execute simple query which selects nodes by assigned mix-in … but fail …
Here is my query (almost one-to-one copied from JSR-170 spec):

//element(*, {}:imageClassification)

Where {}:imageClassification is a mix-in name.

The result is an exception:
org.jaxen.saxpath.XPathSyntaxException: //element(*, {}:imageClassification): 10: Expected node-type

However executing regular XPath query //{}:imageClassification works fine.

Do I do something incorrectly or it means that JSR-170 XPath syntax is not supported in current Alfresco version?
If so… when it can be expected?

Thank you in advance