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How i can get a funtionality like PHP based CMS from alfresc

Question asked by on Nov 15, 2005
Latest reply on Mar 8, 2012 by jpotts
I hope i post in  right place . pleas correct me if it is not where i should ask this question.
I saw several PHP based CMS , like PHPnuke …
those are both a portal/groupware and a CMS , in those products CMS system
admin could make a document or upload it into server and then , all registered and loged in and/or all visitors could see the article
or download the file.
but in Alfresco i could not findout how this thing is possible.
can some one tell me does alfresco has such features ?
I learned how to integrate in into StrinBeans Portal from thier forum and i want to use it with StringBeans to
provide a functionality like PHPNuke or .Net based groupware.

Thank you for help.