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Roadmap and Collaboration Features

Question asked by stevericker on Nov 16, 2005
Latest reply on Nov 21, 2005 by gavinc
In the Roadmap, a 'threaded discussions' component seems to be in the works for inclusion in the open source version by Quarter 4 of 2005.   Is this still on track?  How about the wiki mentioned for inclusion by Quarter 1 or 2 of 2006?

Alfresco seems to be an amazing product and we were looking forward to features that could really make it a strong contender against collaborative applications like SharePoint or Sitescape.  We know that Alfresco is more of a CMS than a collaborative portal (or CRM) but we're hoping that these worlds will continue to converge.  It would be great to see what the plan was going forward.

Thank you.

- Steve