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W2K and CIFS again

Question asked by omegerard on Nov 22, 2005
Latest reply on Nov 23, 2005 by omegerard

Sorry to come back to this issue again.

I installed Alfresco on a new Unix server and activated CIFS.

If I log on to a Linux machine in the network and I can run the following sequence of commands:

prompt% smbmount //Alcatraz/alfresco ~/test -o username=admin
Password: XXXXXXXX
prompt% cd test
prompt%  ls
Alfresco Tutorial  Data Dictionary

If I take my own laptop (of which you know by now that it runs W2K) and I try to a map network onto F:, then (after a suspiciously long pauze) I get the a window with the words: "The network path \\Alcatraz\Alfresco could not be found.

As far as I know, both the Linux machine and my laptop are in the same network segment.

Can anybody enlighten me on this one? Is there some memory register I need to clear on my laptop?



PS. I'll try and find another WXP machine to test this.