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Another Lucene searching question...

Question asked by greglenain on Nov 22, 2005
Latest reply on Nov 24, 2005 by andy
To look for a specific document through a given path, I use a query of the form:


where "someStandardDirectory" is the name of a standard folder node (whose namespace has prefix "cm").

But, if I want to drill a user directory, I have to write:


where "someUserDirectory" is a user home directory (whose namespace has prefix "sys").

How to get rid of these namespace prefixes?

I tried things such as:
- PATH:"/app:company_home/someDirectory/cm:*"
- PATH:"/app:company_home/*:someDirectory/cm:*"
- PATH:"/app:company_home/*[@alf:name='someDirectory']/cm:*"
But nothing works.