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Permission on space access question

Question asked by potatoinmiri on Nov 23, 2005
Latest reply on Nov 23, 2005 by potatoinmiri
Dear friends,

   I am studying alfresco system but is struggling to understand how the permission works.
I am using linux fedora core 2 and Java 1.5.

I have the following users setup by admin:
1) andy
2) aren

As far as I know, when a user is created, the user space is also created at the same time. Ok, thats ok, when I created the two users I had to create their inidividual spaces too. Then I in using "andy", and I browsed to company space and saw under User space-> andy space and aren space. I browse through andy space is fine. Then I tried to get into aren space its also got through without any obstacle. What I don't understand is, by default, isn't the user's space banned from entry by other users unless permission given to access?

It seems like whatever user I logged into with, there seems to be no restriction on which space I can or cannot access. I can access any space created even by admin. Ultimately, it also means I can delete any space eventhough I am not admin.

Did I left out something in my configuration? Or I misunderstood the permission concept disastrously? hope anyone can help me with this….

My main priority for using alfresco is to use it as a file sharing system so can comment on a file, upload, download, edit etc, permission to view, edit etc for certain users.

hope someone can help me to understand my mistake. thanks a lot for taking time helping.