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CIFS-NTLM-Windows Explorer Integration

Question asked by dwild.hq on Nov 25, 2005
Latest reply on Dec 1, 2005 by dwild.hq
Hi all!

I have recently installed Alfresco Enterprise for evaluation on a Windows 2003 Server, set up CIFS using the Readme, this worked fine with local accounts.

I then set up NTLM, authenticating against our local Active Directory (AD), using the document below which again worked fine through a web browser, no problem.

I then tried to access Alfresco via the CIFS interface I had setup, a windows XP mapped drive.  I subsequently could not authenticate.
Should this work, is it currently supported?

I then attempted to roll back the NTLM setup by replacing the web.xml and application-context.xml files.  This did not roll back the authentication method, still authenticating against our AD. Server has been restarted since the change.

The default admin/admin account no longer working, unknown username and password.

Help please!

Dave Wild
IS Sys Eng
Defence Academy UK