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Problem when changing users home

Question asked by jgoffinet on Nov 28, 2005
Latest reply on Nov 28, 2005 by gavinc

When I try to change some user's home space, I get this error :

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    * Failed to create Person due to error: Cyclic parent-child relationship detected: current node: workspace://SpacesStore/870b7f45-5870-11da-ab17-03325aba1672 current path: {}Users/{}company_home next assoc: ChildAssoc[ parent=workspace://SpacesStore/b27890b8-5feb-11da-b863-89fdd73b710a, child=workspace://SpacesStore/870b7f45-5870-11da-ab17-03325aba1672, name={}company_home, isPrimary=true]

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This happens when I first create the user with the default home space (company home, which has been renamed "Clever Age"), and want to change its home space later (I want it to be Clever Age / Users / xxx).

When I put the right home space during user creation process, everything works fine. Any idea ?

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