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Alfresco Security Model

Question asked by rdanner on Nov 30, 2005
Latest reply on Dec 1, 2005 by andy
I have a quick question for you guys:

In the web app all of the security assignment is at the space level.

Users are assigned to spaces then assigned roles.  This seems very ganular but a little bit wierd to me.

I was kinda expecting there to be something like:

we add roles to the system
we add users to the system

we assign roles to users

we assign roles to spaces
we assign a user to a space as a corner case

In the current system we have to add a user to a space then assign a role at each space.  Seems a little bit like a management nightmere.  If tomrrow i decide Joe is no longer an editor I have to run around to all of the possible spaces that he may be assigned to and assigned the editor role and remove it. (as apposed to going to the user manager and removing his editor role)