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CIFS upload, performance issues and hanging

Question asked by jamen on Dec 1, 2005
Latest reply on Dec 2, 2005 by derek
Hi everyone,

I have been doing some testing of Alfresco by uploading files through CIFS.  When uploading a directory structure with many files and sub folders I am finding that Alfresco does not remain stable.  To be more specific, the transfer may terminate prematurely with an rror "Network drive no longer available". 

This was when the amount of files in the repository reached around 3500 (only 55meg).  I note that this doesn't crash Tomcat or Alfresco, it is just a termination of a transfer process. 

With more objects in the repository, the ability to hang Alfresco can occur with greater ease (though that could be also be due to a transfer taking place, as opposed to the amount of files in the repository).  Although it hung initially with 3500 files, I am able to still upload my files.  I am testing to see whether it occurs consistently with a smaller amount of files in the repository.

I was also able to hang it trying to browse through the repository while a transfer or a delete was taking place (with many files).  Has anyone else had a similar problem?  Is it a configuration issue?