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Security roles for 1.1

Question asked by ell on Dec 7, 2005
Latest reply on Mar 2, 2007 by andy
Hello there

I am looking into the security roles for release 1.1
Could anyone please explain what rights each one of them has?
Is there a tutorial available on how to use these roles (maybe from the pro edition)?

I thought that if I was a guest, I shouldn't be able to add a space or create content. But what is more strange I can create a space, I can create content but I cannot add a content. Is this the case?

Also I have created a workflow rule which moves data from one space (drafts) to another (approved). In order for my content to move, it seems that the user should be a coordinator or contributor to the (approve) space as well. Can I configure it so that the user has only read access to the approve space?