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Error Message when Editing properties

Question asked by drbaz on Dec 8, 2005
Latest reply on Dec 8, 2005 by drbaz
I have created a new custom type, with 1 property and 1 assocation.

the association definition is
  <type name="tx:myContent">
         <title>My Content</title>
       <property name="tx:myDate">
            <association name="tx:documents">
I have added my definiton to the web-client-config-edit-properties.xml file.

When i select Ok after editing the properties I get the following error:

A system error happened during the operation: The content mimetype must be set whenever the URL is set: content URL:store://2005/12/8/dd6b9d0a-67f0-11da-b2c2-bd639b9a57d5.bin mimetype: null

Any suggestions :?: